Cyprus can be seen from the Levantine and Anatolian coasts but would need great personal effort and hardship to be ‘colonised’. The cultures that did develop on Cyprus through time quickly formed the unique cultural identities that so often occur on islands when there is a barrier to communication. They found their own path as they were shaped by the geology, geography, flora, fauna and simply ‘Cyprusness’ of their surroundings.

During prehistory the island was influenced by the Pharaohs of Egypt to the south, the Mesopotamian kingdoms to the east, the Hittite empire to the north and the Minoan and Mycenaean cultures of the west. It is this unique fusion of cultures and influences that is one of the great joys of Cypriot archaeology. The archaeological history of Cyprus is constantly evolving as new discoveries are made, new sites found and new theories presented.


Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean sea, and is a place which has a large variety of blue flag awarded beaches. The blue flag is a certification which recognizes the environmental quality and water cleanliness of bathing sites, and Cyprus’ beaches continuously rank highly when measured against other seaside spots in Europe. You can find everything here, from dark and light sands and private havens, to populated strips, motionless waters and wild, untamed seafronts.

Coral Bay
Coral bay is a true sun-worshiper’s paradise where golden sands lay nestled within a medium-sized cove and are protected from strong currents by the surrounding cliffs. Coral bay offers a wide range of umbrellas, sun loungers and watersport options. The coast is incredibly family-friendly, and the blue flag winning waters here are clean and safe for swimming. Controlled development of the area means the resort has maintained the majority of its charm despite its popularity with tourists. A bite to eat is never far either, and a vibrant


The Akamas
In Greek mythology, it is where Aphrodite met her lover, Adonis. The Akamas peninsula, as described in the Conservation Management Plan of World Bank/EU, covers about 230 square km and is located on the western tip of Cyprus. It is an area of great natural beauty unaffected by development. The uniqueness of the area for Cyprus, and for the whole of the Mediterranean, is centered on its precious ecology. The diversity of flora and fauna living in this relatively small area is truly impressive. Rare endemic plants grow there and foxes, snakes and other reptiles as well as many types of migratory birds live in Akamas or use it in their movements.

Lara Bay
See conservation in action with a visit to the white sands of Lara Bay; a safe haven for the Greek population of Green and Loggerhead Turtles. At the protected beach, you’ll see conservationists at work in the research centre and hatchery, where turtle eggs are looked after in a bid to boost populations.


Create unforgettable memories on this beautiful island of Cyprus by taking a costal ride on horseback and watch the sun set across the sea. From leisurely hacks to tutored lessons from a qualified instructor, there is something for all ages and abilities to fulfill your horse riding dream.

Learn how to ride a horse, or improve on your existing skills and experience the thrill of riding a horse across the country, from forest tracks to deserted villages, from mountains to coastlines and places where nothing man made can be seen.


All Year Round Golf at Aphrodite Hills, the first ever leisure and golf development of its kind in Cyprus, Aphrodite Hills Golf Resort is home to a magnificent 18-hole championship golf course, dedicated 3-hole Golf Academy and magnificent Clubhouse, designed for golfers of all standards and ages. Spreading out over 6,289 metres and overlooking the site where Aphrodite, the goddess of love, is said to have emerged from the sea, our golf course is truly a unique location in which to test your skills with friends.

The award-winning golf course was officially opened in 2002 and was designed by the acclaimed architect, Cabell Robinson. Robinson has designed Aphrodite Hills to be the perfect mix of challenging pot bunkers, manicured fairways of lush Bermuda grass and generous tiered greens. Visually spectacular, the course expands through indigenous olive and carob trees and is built on two plateaux, separated by a dramatic ravine with outstanding views over the Mediterranean. And the staggering 130 metre gorge dividing tees at the 7th hole is an enticing challenge for all lovers of this beautiful game.


The Troodos Mountains are the largest mountain range in Cyprus and re located right in the center of the island. Mount Olympus is the highest peak of Troodos and is the highest point of the island at 1,952 meters. The mountain reaches across the western side of Cyprus.

The mountains also have many Byzantine Monasteries and Churches, they are located on impressive mountain peaks. There are resorts to stay in and enjoy the picturesque valleys and villages. Back in history, Troodos was known also for its mines and during the Byzantine period. During the winter, snow falls mostly on the higher grounds of the mountain. The land is wet with the snow and they valleys at a lower level are full of green with golden oak and willow.


Cypriots are little more reserved initially in friendship than Americans and most Europeans, but tend to become closer friends once friendships do develop. Cypriots are typically more formal with their elders than other nationalities. People older than you are typically referred to as Kyrie (Mr) or Kyria (Mr), followed by their first name. Being on time may be a virtue, but it is not one well-practiced in Cyprus. Being 30-45 minutes late to a social engagement is not considered unacceptable. It is actually expected.

Overall, Cypriots are extremely hospitable. It is considered polite to accept at least a little of what is being offered to you even if you do not want it. This applies most often to food and drink. Cypriots speak more loudly and with more hand and facial gestures than western Europeans. A friendly discussion may look like an argument to the outsider.

Among friends (male-female, female-female), a kiss on each cheek is a common greeting; otherwise a handshake will do. Men do not typically kiss, unless they are old friends. Young female friends will sometimes hold hands.


Wine has been part of Cyprus history since over 4000 years. Today Cyprus wine is about old tradition and modern technology. There are fifty-two recognized wineries (and lots of smaller mainly for house production). Explore them from a Cyprus map and a dropdown list. For each winery there are great info and links, also you may grade and review anything from wines, vineyards to overall experience. Welcome to Cyprus!


On an island surrounded by crystal clear waters that consistently rank as the cleanest in Europe – and are further enhanced by their pleasant all-yearround temperatures of approximately 16-24° C – it is only natural that water sports would feature as a popular pastime, and one that offers an abundance of choices. The range of water sports available in Cyprus start from gentle activities in shallower waters, to pursuits that offer an exhilarating thrill for even the most daring of athletes… and everything in between!

A large number of licensed water sports operators can be found directly on public, organized beaches, and on the coastline of hotel strips, where a selection of both fun or challenging sea activities can be booked on the spot, including: banana boats, tube rides, pedalos, water skiing, wakeboarding, bodyboarding, SUP, parasailing, jet skiing, windsurfing, canoeing and kayaking. The relevant guidance and/or safety equipment is provided by the water sport operators, who also offer arrangements for water sports courses

Biking & Hiking in Cyprus

The naturally fast flowing, yet bumpy surfaces offer a variety of cross-country biking trails to explore with as many technical thrills as you want. The 79 sq km Akamas peninsula area is a perfect location for off-road cyclists of all abilities to test their fitness and technical skills. Also popular is the Troodos mountain range, although the terrain there can be more challenging owing to the steeper gradients and rockier surface. Winter rains and snow can also make riding in the cooler months nigh on impossible, whereas the Akamas peninsula and Paphos forest areas are rideable all year round.


Freshwater Fishing
Cyprus has over 20 reservoirs open to anglers and most are stocked. These stocked reservoirs contain more than 15 species of freshwater fish, including trout, largemouth bass, carp, pikeperch, and roach. Yermasogeia Reservoir is located approximately 10 minutes from Limassol and offers silver bream, carp, grey mullet and other species. Asprogremmos Reservoir holds bass, catfish and trout among others. It is the closest reservoir to Paphos International Airport and is one of the largest dams in Cyprus.

Saltwater/Sea Fishing
The sea around Cyprus is home to more than 250 species of fish, including snapper, amberjack and tuna. Boats can be rented at fishing shelters and stations.


Cyprus is the perfect place for diving with its warm and clear sea. The warm temperatures make it one of the longest diving seasons in the Mediterranean. There is no plankton in the waters ensuring great visibility. The underwater coastal reefs abound with a rich variety of beautiful underwater life. Sea turtles can be seen often. This is because of the turtle conservation project in place on the island. There are also stunning underwater caves and tunnels inviting one to explore them, plus the remains of shipwrecks and ancient amphora constitute a great underwater adventure.


Rugby has been played on Cyprus by members of the British Armed forces since the 1950s. In 2003 a civilian team was formed in Paphos by a group of English and South African expatriates. In 2004, following the success of England in the Rugby World Cup (and over a few beers), Limassol Crusaders was born, followed shortly by Nicosia Barbarians. These teams all joined the British bases league to allow full competitive play.

The Goals of Rugby in Cyprus

  • To promote rugby at every opportunity
  • To put Cyprus on the rugby world map
  • To bring visiting national and club rugby sides to Cyprus
  • To promote rugby within local schools


Enjoy the beautiful Cyprus coastline from the comfort of your yacht and set anchor in a secluded spot inaccessible by land. The crew will be at your disposal to cater for your every need, relax in the sun and sip on some champagne. Sailing in Cyprus is a special experience due to its stable winds, beautiful scenery and calm sea. You may charter a boat for any occasion or celebration. Go fishing, sail in to the sunset or just cruise carefree. Cyprus has five ports, two marinas and lots of bays providing you with anything you may require. Larnaca Marina is full all the year round with yachters from around the world mainly because individuals may live on their vessel in the winter due to the Mediterranean climate.